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Concept and performance:

Riia Kivimäki & Saku Mäkelä

Lighting designer:

Teo Lanerva

Sound designer:

Joonas Outakoski

Costumes: Riikka Heiskanen

Co-production: RISA & Tanssiteatteri Minimi,

Premier: 2.12.2020

Duration: 50 min.

Ages: 7->

Next performances:

Joensuun Näyttämö and Kuopio City Theatre May 2022.

Co-production:  & Tanssiteatteri Minimi, : 2.12.2020Duration: 50 .Ages 7->Next performances:October 2021 , Finland, May 2022 Kuopio,

RISA- Friction.jpg

Photos & cover photo: Petra Tiihonen

Filming & editing:Teemu Kyytinen


RISA-Friction is a breathtaking merge of dance and acrobatics, combining two differing physical artists and their bodily expressions, a combination where dance is reaching out in new dimensions by meeting acrobatics in search of ever new paths


The force that resists any appearing movement in the interface between two solid objects.
To overcome friction the object has to create work against friction, which releases energy stored in the object converting it into heat or other forms of energy.

What is the force that makes us move?

We are persistently moving but are we just delivering lustrous surfaces?

What would  life be without friction and resistance?

What if I decide to remain still, if I stop moving, will I cease to exist?


Audience feedback ordered by Dance Theather Minimi:


"The second show we saw was Risa-Friction. The performance was really great and had a lot of memorable moments. The dancers were really skilled, powerful and physical. Their chemistry oozed all over the audience. The lights were insane they made the show just awesome. This second show (RISA-Friction) was more youthful in style and we liked it more. The story was clear and easier to get into."

Photo: Petra Tiihonen

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