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RISA- Events and gigs

RISA- Don`t fear the reaper


Photo: Marko Mäkinen

Filming & editing:Teemu Kyytinen

Don`t fear the reaper:

Take a comfortable seat, breathe deeply, peacefully. Leave your grief, good!

RISA-Don’t fear the Reaper offers a captivating and sophisticated experience, poetic-like flow of distinctive movement language that is at the same time powerful but sensitive and pulsating with its acrobatic waves. Immerse yourself in the wild vortices of sensual movement and let intense sensitivity touch you!


RISA- Don`t fear the reaper, is our new circus/dance act for events, show & dinners , cabaret, variety shows or is possible to modify to fit in bigger entitys.

If second act needed, Riia has an whip cracking act (work in progress) where she fluently combines dance, acrobatics, contorsion and whip cracking in her own unique way.

Saku can make an act with the Roue Cyr.

We are also very good and experienced at making new acts by request for different themes and events:

126 Efima 10v 15.3.2019.jpg

Photo: Linda Mai-Ahonen

Cover photo: Marko Mäkinen

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