Riia Kivimäki & Saku Mäkelä partnering outside the box





RISA a breathtaking merge of dance and acrobatics, combining two differing physical artists and their bodily expressions, a combination where dance reaches out in new dimensions and meets acrobatics in search of ever new paths

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riia kivimäki

Riia Kivimäki 

is a dance artist and choreographer graduated from Tampereen konservatorio and studied contemporary dance in Spain at CobosMika DanceCompany. She also has strong gymnastic background in agg. Riia has worked broadly as a dancer in contemporary, circus, jazz, show and musical fields and making choreographies in various fields such as theaters, shows, gymnastics, contemporary dance and circus.


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Saku Mäkelä

has danced since 1994. He has a bachealor degree in circus from Stockholm University of Dance and Circus as a danceacrobat. He has worked professionally for almost 20 years in musicals, circus, contemporary dance, theater, television, street shows, his own artistic projects and different companies.

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Tel. +358503578411

saku mäkelä


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